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Awards and nominations Trivia She has won a Catholic Mass Media Awards for her performance in GMA-7’s television show. In her young life, she has been given title of Miss Teen International 2005. External links Category:1996 births Category:Living people Category:Filipino film actresses Category:Filipino television actresses Category:21st-century Filipino actresses Category:Star Magic Category:Miss International 2005 delegates Category:Filipino child actressesEdgars Tella Edgars Tella (born 24 September 1975) is a Latvian football manager. Career Tella began his career in 1993 at FK Jelgava. In 1997, he joined FK Ventspils. In 2000, he left the club to join FK Ventspils' youth system. On 14 June 2001, he left the club to join Skonto Rīga. Tella spent two seasons at Skonto, leaving the club in 2003. References External links Category:1975 births Category:Living people Category:Latvian footballers Category:FK Ventspils players Category:Skonto FC players Category:Association football goalkeepers I came away with from a week of attendance at the MOMA: There is a lot of evidence of this controversy in the world. We cannot do anything about it, and that is not the point. The point is that any kind of reconciliation we do accomplish will be entirely minor and probably temporary. By the time it is over, the fighting will be resumed, except maybe a little less violently. After all, who wants to put themselves out of business? And I really don't care what anyone says, I want to be in business. Over the last few years I have been very preoccupied with the question of reconciliation, and the answer has become: You can't have it, and it doesn't matter anyway. I don't mean to be discouraging; I would like nothing better than to be able to say to you that there will be no more violence. But I don't think that is possible. That is why I don't live anywhere. I don't live in the north, where I can go and enjoy the company of the white people, or anywhere else. I live in the south, where they can't touch me.Antimycobacterial



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