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Words are things: Speak to yourself in the highest, grandest way possible.

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

My mom always says, watch your thoughts and words. I would later top off that statement by saying words are things. It is something I have said repeatedly over the years after reading it in somewhere, it was profound at the time I read it and it still carried weight, but I thought less of it as time passed. Until earlier this year I was passively complaining about something my partner did which most likely annoyed me but was making fun of it. My friend joked on the phone, trust me he is a saint when compared with what is out there, you don’t want to be single – ‘child’ the dating world is the ghetto. We laughed heartily as I always do when things crack me up, but I thought about it. So small was annoyance I thought to myself, hmm I really lucked out-I have the best husband in the world. I started saying that to myself every day, and then to him until if I spoke about him I would add-I have the best husband in the world.

It started out as a joke, teasing him and making light fun of the situation, but what unfolded very slowly was and is direct indication that words are in fact things! Every time I said it to myself or him or someone, I felt incredibly grateful to be patterned with someone like him. If he was within hearing distance he blushed happily. I slowly realized by saying he was the best in no way meant he was perfect and without fault but he is just right for me.

So months later, in a miserable bout of complaining about the corporate J-O-B, I had an Ahha moment that I really wanted to share, this is adult life, things are messy and we are all doing the best we can, especially in a pandemic and total uncertainty. What if I glamorized all the things I complained about. Yes, what if instead of complaining about my job and my boss and the things that get under my skin and instead I say everyday when I think about work, Wow, I have the best Job in the world and said it with conviction like I do when I say I have the best husband. What if I said I have the best life, the best friends, the best, the best, the best you name it. What if I repeatedly proclaim I have the best in all things mentally and slowly let the words manifest and take root? I was in no way attempting to manifest away my problems nor did I believe life would become easy sailing. Just like I have acknowledged my partner is far from perfect but constantly saying he is the best for me, made me feel better and deeply grateful for him. It made the annoying moments mild and not very significant.

So, I started trying it with the other aspects of my life and seeing small changes in the way I interact with my extended family and small circle of friends. My sense of gratitude and gratefulness for this life increased. If we are being honest and that is all I can be, I still sometimes complain about work but I have been much more grateful than before to be meaningfully engaged and employed. I will keep trying. Nothing lost right?

I would love you to try and let me know what changes you noticed over time. Words are things, let us talk to ourselves and about our lives in the grandest highest version.



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