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What I read on vacation Pt. 2. Will

I saw the memes and quotes from the book all over Instagram before it was released and I thought, nope, I am not going to get this. By the time it is released I would have figured out what the entire book is about anyway. I moved on with life. A friend who was reading posted it to her stories and said she just started and it is soo good! Never underestimate the power of influencer marketing I tell ya. I ran along to

#amazon and got me a copy of #WILL.

I love the book cover. The 'abstract-ish' picture, evoked a joyful life well lived but with chaos and uncertainty even fragility. I dived in, I love hard copies, but take my word for it, you will not regret getting the audible version.

The book starts with #Will's childhood in his home town of #Philly. I wish someone would have warned me like I am warning you now, grab a pen and note book. There are so many life lessons, #instagram worthy quotes, raw unfiltered honesty, that you need to take a minute to let it soak in. I have probably said, 'lay one brick at a time', everyday to myself and others since then.

Every chapter focuses on a topic, Chapter 1 starts with Fear. It details his childhood and life growing up in #Philly. What resonated in those early chapters is something we've discussed here before. How much your childhood influences your personality, view on life and how you respond to situations. Our childhood is so critical to how we adult. I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the book. #Will's rise to stardom in the music world, his respect for Dj Jazzy Jeff, his first love, I particularly loved the way he related to his grandma gigi. It really makes you ponder, nothing in our life is happenstance, even the small things we repeatedly do, the people we meet, it is all connected to our greater purpose her on earth. We don't stop and think of it like that, but take a minute and connect the dots of life, none of it is chance but divine intervention.

Throughout the book, the gems are coming, I must mention the book was co-written with Mark Manson, he is gifted with words. #Will is human, and it is on full display in this book. If you are looking for a book about the superstar focused only on the fame and power, this is not the book you want to read. It is an unravelling of the persona we see on T.V of his ego, insecurities and fears. It is #Will simply being a human being flaws and all. He speaks to much, he says the wrong things, has a huge ego, has serious self-esteem issues, all the attributes which makes us human. Navigating this world the best way we can, with a tool box we still have not mastered. I kid you not, there were certain parts of the book where I just wanted to give him a hug.

Without revealing to much (Like it's not already on insta) There is a part of the book, Will asks the readers to be the Judge. The introduction of his grandma to Jada, and let me state it for the record, #Will, both my husband and I agree you were dead wrong. It was not funny-at all!

The last half of the book, seemed rushed. It gave me a sense that it was not written with the same precision and care as the first half, almost like time is of the essence and I have to get this done so here ya go. It was good just not nearly as good as the first half. I did not like the ending at all. I though huh, after all this vulnerability, self searching, put in the work attitude, I anticipated a different end. However, if its one thing you take from this book, it is to live. Take up space, live Grand, dream big. Believe in yourself. Most importantly, put in the work!

I would recommend, 3.85 stars. Use my link below grab a copy and share your thoughts, I would love to know your reaction to #Will.

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