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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

An island girl through and through... I 've been compelled to begin this blog since I moved to Jamaica from Dominica in August 2017: Two years and 11 months ago, the madness which comes with up rooting your life in one island and moving to another with your young family, re integrating into new things when you were quite comfortable with the old, find new likes and loves, friends, nail techs, hairdressers, wax lady-gasps the works. I've wanted to share the everyday hilarious random, fun, some of the serious moments and honest reviews of all this re-integrating magic -better late than never!

So here we are 2 years and 11 months later, with so much to tell, so much magic still. Welcome, I am Roxanne. I want you to come here for the real life stories which makes us humans, for fragility and growth. To be informed, laugh, smile. Leave comments and feedback most of all be inspired!

Please, share and subscribe and use my amazon link to shop - I appreciate you.

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