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New Beginnings, back to the basics.

I love my birthdate, it lands at a time of great reflection, introspection and gratitude, for a year lived, for the success and failures, the lessons, for being present. This year is no different. I started reflecting early this year, as I approach my 33rd birthday-my Jesus year. What is my purpose here, how am I going to show up fully in all my me-ness take up space and live out the vision God had for me when he formed me in my mom’s womb.

As long as I’ve remembered, I’ve always loved talking and writing. I love listening to people’s stories, finding commonality in our humanness. One of the best jobs I had, was writing ‘Conversations With’ for the Chronicle newspaper. Writing this article gave me the opportunity to sit and converse with women I adore, who do great work, overcame trials, are walking in their lanes and winning. Talking about their lives and sharing their journey’s with all the life lessons made me feel proud. Knowing that someone will read this article and think, wow! If she could, then so can I. Or I am not alone. Our lives are much more interconnected and woven than we generally think, our characters may differ, but at the core most of us yearn for similar things.

As I reflect on this past year, the weight of these unprecedented times, the heaviness we all carry and seem to hide so well, I am starkly reminded that life is so precious and yet so fragile. I am compelled to do. Do all the things I yearn to do, the things that truly set my soul on fire- I am compelled to talk, write, listen to people’s stories and share. To do the things I love. #backtothebasics.

So, I am going to use my Blog- my passion project/hobby I’ve been pouring into as a creative outlet for the last year, to continue writing my hard truths, and sharing my journey of healing and growth, but I also want to share stories of women we adore, women who’ve overcome and done incredible work in their lives and their communities, women who take up space. I want this to be a safe space for the hard truths, the uncomfortable discussions, for knowing and affirming, we all can do hard things.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who subscribed and read all my posts, sent messages and emails, who liked and shared my post, this growing community is absolutely nothing without each and everyone of you. I wish for you expansion and abundance, and I pray you continue to grow with me in community. It is my fondest dream, that together, this passion project can become a full-time job, that life changing stories will be told and in the words of the late Bell Hooks, “Rarely if ever are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.’ Life is generous,

stay a while..xoxo


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