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Gift of Feedback. Why businesses need to hear your honest opinions.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Who likes a complainer? No know what is worst, advice when you did not even ask for it! Constructive criticism, candid feedback whatever you call it- embrace it- plot twist- it's a GIFT!

I usually purchase a gallon of coconut water from the coconut board every Saturday. Since Covid roared, the opening hours and the likelihood of actually purchasing the water has varied so much I was delighted when someone I follow on Instagram began advertising fresh coconut water for sale, delivery available and it was the same price as coconut board. Sign me up!

I sent a DM and got my liquid gold that Saturday, on Sunday it tasted 'off' it started turning bad. Disappointed we threw the balance away.

Ughh, back to struggling with coconut board or looking for a 'jelly man' consistently to get my fix.

About a week later, the vendor DM'ed to ask, how was your water, I responded truthfully, she apologized profusely and offered me a free gallon to replace the one purchased. Honestly, she did not have to, her sincere apology made up for it. I was impressed with her service and her desire to not only seek feedback but address it and resolve it.

Her willingness to seek feedback and take corrective action, gained her a loyal customer.

Many times we go to business places, we receive excellent service, staff members go over and beyond to ensure we are well taken care of, they WOW us. Have you ever sent an email expressing gratitude and giving a kudos to the particular staff for a job well done, working in the service industry I can attest gestures like these go such a long way.

Similarly, when service delivery standards fall below of expectations, do we provide feedback? Providing feedback when expectations are unmet is much more significant to a business' development, staff member's training and business continuity. What your feedback does is allow the owner a Birdseye few into the customer experience and expectations to understand what needs were not fulfilled and what can be done better. Owners are now able to develop strategies to fill the void and create systems suited for customer satisfaction and business longevity. It also gives the business a second chance to win you over and create apostles- now these are the customers you want: Loyalist who will promote your business and keep coming back for more.

So, if you are a business owner and a client sends you a 'complaint' smile and thank Santa for a fabulous early Christmas gift, thank the customer as you would if it were the best compliment, do all in your power to address this and make it up to the customer. Then build systems to ensure another customer will not have the same issue.

If you are a customer, make it a habit to give feedback regularly. Whether it is done verbally, written, leave a comment; however you can. They go a long way. Be in the business of gift giving, and giving these gifts are free! What could possibly be better!

I challenge you to bear tons of gifts this week.

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